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The text of the word Halabousi at the Baghdad Summit of the parliaments of the neighboring countries


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The text of the word Halabousi at the Baghdad Summit of the parliaments of the neighboring countries Empty The text of the word Halabousi at the Baghdad Summit of the parliaments of the neighboring countries

Post by rocky on Sat 20 Apr 2019, 8:26 am

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The text of the word Halabousi at the Baghdad Summit of the parliaments of the neighboring countries of Iraq
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Baghdad / SNG-
On Saturday, the SNG agency published the text of Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halboussi's speech at the Baghdad Summit of Parliaments of neighboring countries of Iraq.
The text reads as follows:
In the name of God the Merciful
O people! We have created you from male and female, and have made you peoples and tribes, so that you may know that I will honor you with God.
Believe God Almighty
Honorable Heads of Parliaments and Delegations of Iraq's Neighboring Neighbors
Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished Deputies
Excellencies Ambassadors and distinguished members of the diplomatic corps
All of Iraq's guests
Peace and mercy of God be upon you
It is a proud historic day that we honor all our neighbors in a visit dear to our hearts ... Welcome and welcome all of you in Baghdad, Dar es Salaam, the capital of the meeting and love.
Welcome to the land of Mesopotamia, the cradle of the Prophets, the Habitat of the House of the Prophet, the honorable companions, the parents, the righteous, the poets and the writers. Welcome to the Iraq of the Assyrians, the Acadians, the Sumerians and the Babylonians.
Welcome to the Iraq of sacrifices and martyrs and the Forum of religions, races, tribes and the country of ideas, art, literature and culture.
Dear Brothers, Excellencies and Accompanying Delegates
Here is Iraq again standing strong strong after fighting the battle of honor and fought the fighting of the heroes of the parliamentary neighbors, brothers and friends in the spirit of courage and courage and achieved great victory thanks to the unity of the people and support of religious references and the interrelations of tribes and sects and components.
Iraq has long tolerated the bitterness of war and the difficult circumstances. The Iraqi people have suffered harsh conditions, such as the enormous sacrifices they have made from their sons, the occupation of terrorism and the displacement of millions of their lands. For which I stood up, supported and supported in its historic confrontation against terrorism, and on behalf of the people of Iraq, I would like to thank all our neighbors, friends and international partners who have stood with us and supported us in the difficult circumstances so that we can eliminate the military presence of terrorism. Mullah to eliminate it thought through mutual coordination with all friends and regional and international supporters to return Iraq safe stable from the far north in the Kurdistan region to the far south in Basra good and tender, and return all the displaced to their areas after the age of what will make us safe from the return of the idea of ​​terrorism Again.
Conference participants
Iraq is no longer concerned about the idea of ​​axes and bias, but today is building strategic partnerships promising with all neighboring countries without embarrassment or favoritism to another What binds us to our neighbors is the common geographical destiny and common interests and social cohesion and religious cohesion, Iraq has a package of agreements and memorandums of understanding with the Islamic Republic, it signs other memoranda in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and at the highest levels, in addition to important Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations and broad understandings and economic agreements in the preparation and preparation stage, Iraqi-Turkish relations are at their best and Baghdad has promising economic plans with Ankara. It will be launched soon, with the help of God, and it is progressing within the framework of a decree and a clear addition to the openness of the Syrian Arab Republic and readiness for Fatah. The commercial crossing with her after that
The need arises from this historic meeting to a continuous regulatory framework, which is held regularly in the relevant countries to discuss the developments and the development of urgent and objective solutions, and here shows the urgent need for such a cooperative framework between the neighboring countries of Mesopotamia, which will positively affect the security and stability of our countries Will have a direct positive impact on the peoples of the region as a whole. All this requires mutual commitments between us in protecting regional security in a cohesive and cohesive manner. Hence, we affirm that Iraq is keen on the security and stability of its neighbors and the region.
Distinguished Heads of Councils and Delegations
We hope that these meetings will produce a unified vision between Iraq and neighboring countries and that we will start together a participatory project that begins with legislation that gives the executive authorities in our countries a broad horizon for developing relations through supporting the agreements required by the procedures of strengthening relations and voting in the parliaments of our countries. To make an extraordinary effort to link a dynamic diplomat capable of creating economic, trade, cultural and social partnerships through the relevant ministry of the Governments of our countries.
I would like to welcome you to your second country, Iraq. I wish you a good stay in Baghdad. It is traveling in a happy spring, and its record is full, unlike the past years, as a sign and a gospel for a better future with God's help.
May Allah keep you and keep your countries and peoples friendly and friendly
If you visit us, you will find us
We are guests and you are the boss of the house
Peace and mercy of God be upon you
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