[ltr]Baghdad / Iraq News Network revealed Association of private banks, on Tuesday, from reaching the private banks operating in the Iraqi capital of 8 trillion dinars and an increase of 15% from last year, saying it accounted for 78.2% of the total banking sector and capital Alaraca.oukal Executive Director of the Association private banks, Ali Tariq vacationer, in a statement Sahwilh today: " the number of private banks in Iraq , 55 banks , including trade, investment and financing and Islamic banks and branches of Arab and foreign banks reached their capital as at 31.12.2016 up to 8 trillion dinars and an increase of 15% from last year , especially as they accounted for 78.2% of the total banking sector and capital . "he added that" for the purpose of accessing banking density to the top of the current percentage is expected that the money and assets capital go up in 2017 to good growth rates in the light of the central bank holiday , the number of Islamic banks , which will lead to a rising number of banking products and services in the introduction to the public in the same year ".otoqa vacationer, to" be there is a significant increase in the number of open accounts with private banks from within the project of resettlement of civil servants ' salaries in the banking sector as well as the growing interest in cards electronic payment provided by private banks in Isier citizens started. "[/ltr]