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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US strategy to destroy the empire of "Hezbollah" the Lebanese


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US strategy to destroy the empire of "Hezbollah" the Lebanese

Post by rocky on Fri 17 Feb 2017, 3:49 am

US strategy to destroy the empire of "Hezbollah" the Lebanese

Friday February 17, 2017 11:54

The Treasury published Alomirkh, Thursday, list the property of the Venezuelan vice president, Tariq Alaasama, which Washington accuses of backing the drug trade and smuggling cartels across Latin America, international terrorism, and funding Hezbollah in Lebanon in particular. 

The ministry published a list of companies and financial institutions and commercial operating between the United States, Mexico , Britain, and the British Virgin Islands, along with Venezuela, owned directly Aasama, or through the characters, working in his shadow, to cover up his activities cross the American continent countries, according to the ministry, Besides private jet GulfStream, with the registration number, and date of establishment of each institution individually, legal and licensing.

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Death American
 comes publishing a few days to add a charge of Venezuela on the list of US sanctions yet, because of his activity in the field of drugs, and support for terrorism, trade and contraband, including passports, visas , trade, to facilitate the movement of terrorists across Latin American countries, and the countries of the world, and provide protection for drug dealers The barons smuggled. 

At a time when the Treasury publishes a list of Alaasama companies, allocated USINFO Bayi Argentine, a report on the new US plan to dry up funding for Hezbollah, in Latin America, to strike the interests of the party and the centers of activity in Latin America, and to neutralize influential figures in these countries , which formed a supportive and supportive politically and logistically Party cover, across different countries , such as Mexico and Venezuela , Colombia, Brazil, British Virgin Islands. 

As part of the new strategy adopted by the United States, it is no room for leniency with anyone of the characters or countries that provide any support or help the party at home, such as Tariq Zeidan Alaasama Maddah, which Washington accuses of backing trade and drug trafficking, and money laundering, supporting Hezbollah. 

$ 700 million
,  according to a confidential report to US devices, Hezbollah has succeeded thanks to its relations network in Latin America, in the whitening what ranges between 600 and 700 million dollars, between 2014 and 2016, after the province and reviewing banking confidential information obtained by the American devices from banks, banks and companies working tri - border area between Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, in addition to Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Bolivia, Ecuador, thanks to banking pumps sourced from Lebanon and Germany. 

Drug tunnels
 and along with terrorism accuses the United States in its confidential reports, by location Argentina, launder US drug money, then Rskltha and recycled through the banking pathways controlled in Lebanon, Europe, and Africa, in general, along with the many logistics services provided by drug gangs and cartels that smuggled to the United States, to develop his long experience in the establishment of tunnels on the US - Mexican border, which increased in number annoying format in recent years , according to US sources, which are not much different from the tunnels Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, and close to the Israeli border, according to information that reached the fight against drug trafficking on the border with Mexico , devices, based on the preview of the tunnels discovered, which can accommodate the passage of persons and vehicles sometimes imposes a long experience and the ability to be set up are not available for drug cartels in the region. 

Brothers Naseeruddin
 adds Writer Bayi report, that the fall of Venezuelan Vice President in the trap of the American devices, means a strong blow to one of the most powerful Hezbollah's networks in the region, a network of Lebanese origin led Naseeruddin family, headed by Ghazi Nasr al- Din. 

Ghazi is one of the most prominent men Alaasama, a Lebanese immigrant who won 12 years ago Qqt citizenship, to join immediately after that the Embassy of Venezuela in Damascus, deputy ambassador and was responsible for the relationship between Alaasama and some window circles in Venezuela, and Hezbollah. 

Sharing benefits
 and emphasizes American circles that the relationship between the current Vice - President of Venezuela and Hezbollah date back to many years before reaching his current position, perhaps dating back to the exchange of interests and services between the parties, it provides Alaasama protection of the party in Latin America, since he arrived in the Venezuelan parliament just a deputy in 2006, before his posts include it in the many after that, the vice minister of security between 2007 and 2008, to the Ministry of Interior and Justice between 2008 and 2012, before winning the governorship in the state of Aragua. 

In exchange for political support provided by Alaasama party easily exceed procedures and official borders, channels exposed, to implement its projects and achieve its goals, in exchange for large sums of money, and stakes in companies, and the benefits of a variety obtained political Venezuelan, who became the man of the party that does not make up after winning one of the richest US Venezuela, Aragua, which directly overlooks the Rayiba open ports in the face of Hezbollah, and the drug cartels. 

Besides Ghazi, Alaasama adopted in his political rise, Ali Abdullah Nasr al- Din, a former deputy also in parliament, and the president of the Arab American Organizations, which is the secret chamber of the financial operations of the Aasama, while filling the brotherly third Uday, a position more vital for the party, and is supervising the training and the collection of weapons directed to Hezbollah , the Lebanese reality on the coast opposite the state of Aragua, the famous Isla Margarita camps, spas and tourism, and Ohrachha and the dense forests and Mrtfadtha also, since at least high rate of sea level 0.920 meters, making it the perfect haven for terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah Allah. 

Dismemberment of the beast
 and after hitting the important man in the Hezbollah network, Tariq Alaasama, the United States is entering a new phase of strong dismemberment of the beast that stretched for years in Latin America , close to the southern border, in order to tear down the empire of the party that created took more than three decades, and has invested where large amounts of money, it seems to evaporate after the decision to monitor foreigners inside the United States Bureau of the property, as fate would be confiscated or freezing at best, waiting inflict new damage to the party and the parties dealing with him.[/size]

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