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Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.

Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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    Security victories economists table

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    Security victories economists table Empty Security victories economists table

    Post by Rocky Sat 01 Jul 2017, 3:54 am

    Security victories economists table

    07/01/2017 0:00

    In order to enhance the security of victory economic victory large

    Baghdad / morning team

    we overcome the most notorious terrorist forces against Iraq , the world, we have no choice but to maintain the great victory in Mosul and other cities were under the control of "Daesh" terrorist, by building a sober economic base assigned a security base greater gravity, where the processes of reconstruction and reconstruction , the great role to support displaced families economy as well as to build the country 's economy , where wealth owned by the liberated cities, and must have the world 's supporter role in the construction and reconstruction as long as Iraq fighting a war on behalf of the world, with An enemy targeting the sons of the world without exception.

    Building operations

    deputy head of the Baghdad Economic Forum on behalf of Jamil Antoine said that the victory of Iraq in the city of Mosul and other cities usurped was not an easy task , but check the sacrifices and the blood of the sons of Iraq who are fighting on behalf of the world, which leads to that involved the whole world in building operations The reconstruction of the liberated areas that need great efforts to build and develop the first economic reality II.

    He noted in an interview with the "morning" that the liberated areas rich in wealth and can benefit from the international effort advanced in the rebuilding and reconstruction, noting the need to regulate the mechanics bring life to those areas that require high transparency in the development of all sectors to ward off suspicions of construction the reconstruction has also been the largest dimensions of the specter of terrorism from our people in these areas.

    Economic victory of the

    international economy expert Abdul Aziz Al - Khudairi noted that Iraq and in all cases , will be launched in the construction of reconstruction operations and wide in many cities and large volume of work and thus must be processes be organized and victory should be the first Nasran on terrorism , and this is now at hand the efforts of the security forces in all its formations and the second economic victory that reinforces the great victory over the "Daesh" terrorist.

    Building supplements

    Khudairi said that opportunities favorable for the development of the reality of the economy in the liberated cities, including dear Mosul through the revival of small and medium - sized enterprises , and this is very important where you need construction efforts and reconstruction of different products from these projects as projects forging projects making construction supplements of different uses construction materials as well as Kashi industry projects of various kinds and other important materials in addition to supporting agricultural projects need to markets in those areas, pointing out that these projects are inherently working to run the hands of labor as it is characterized by permanence and evolution can be Mtwas To become a large production capacities of projects.

    He pointed out that the reconstruction operations to accommodate large local and international efforts thus must be these operations on a high degree of organization between local and international institutions in support of these trends.

    He pointed to the importance that there is a communication between Iraq and major world specialized companies that possess advanced technology and capital and using them to serve the national economy and change the shape of the economy to build bridges of cooperation with the largest economic blocs around the world because the country is rich and has all the elements of creating an effective economy in the world.


    President of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce Jaafar al - Hamdani said that the victory over the big Daesh tax paid by Iraq 's largest and is the sacrifice and the blood of his sons, which makes it imperative for all of us unions and institutions can offer all forms of support to rebuild Iraq, pointing out that a large volume of work, but the determination available and everyone 's ambition that the march will continue until they reach the target and restore life to all our people in the liberated areas of natural form.

    The next challenge is the

    competent financial affairs in Ali al - Zaidi said that Iraq exceeded the toughest enemy defied the whole world and our men today exceed this enemy who deceived his mind that the land of Iraq will be a haven for them.

    He said: We will work as long as we live on the country 's service , and we support all efforts to achieve advancement in all areas of economic life , particularly those and security. After check victory , we must realize that the next challenge is to conduct construction and reconstruction must achieve victory in this field as achieved in the side security with the blood of martyrs.

    He noted that Iraq will be harder to figure in the global economy and how it is not a country of agriculture, oil and gas, industry, tourism , geographical location, Palm, Iraq and support the evolving international effort is able to change the shape of life and the economy and solve all its problems.

    Financial management , in

    turn , an economist Haider Kadhim al - Baghdadi pointed out that Iraq is in front of a new phase and will enter the gates of victory to change the reality of life and be more stable after blocking the worst of the darkness of the world powers, stressing that the contribution to the reconstruction and reconstruction will be broad and needed to participate locally and internationally , and here we must be our ambitious financial management level.

    He urged the banking system to be the level of responsibility and provide advanced products commensurate with the size of the work, pointing out that the figures required by large operations , and we must have our banking system and expertise capable of dealing with the figures, noting that some private banks have become adopting programs that can support efforts large construction and reconstruction of its products developed and thus support the victory achieved by our military operations on the "Daesh" terrorist.

    Economy stations

    either Executive Director of the Iraqi private banks to link Tariq has confirmed that victory Unending road at a specific station but continues from the security side to the different economy stations, pointing out that the financial sector and what is owned by the expertise will be in the service of construction and reconstruction operations.

    He said a national task and that everyone should contribute to the tender to Iraq because the reconstruction and reconstruction of a national task, pointing out that the Association supports any national effort meaningfully to the development of the local economy and the economy of the family and we have more than a supportive initiative for this thing.

    He pointed to the importance of working towards alleviating the burden of displaced families, which endured a lot due to terrorism, which requires everyone 's efforts to join forces towards the creation of outlets for the youth in those areas.

    A new phase

    either head of the Iraqi Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkey has stressed that Iraq is on the threshold of a new phase after the victory over Daesh terrorist Vanasr on the forces of darkness was not normal , but is a great historic victory must be matched by a historic effort in the construction and reconstruction , which must begin during the period next, pointing out that all institutions are determined to provide support to the next stage in order to bring life to our cities liberated and alleviate the suffering of the Iraqi family there.

    The competent economic affairs Ahmed is charged between the joy of victory over the great forces of darkness and we are all aware of the amount of work required for the reconstruction and reconstruction, and here must work regularly and be best associated with plans for high transparency in order to enhance the security of victory economic victory great.

    He added that the work requirements of large and will revive construction materials stalled plants because of terrorism and deployed in most western regions of Iraq and this will be accompanied by activating the small and medium enterprises where it will be a great demand for their products, which makes it imperative for the decision - maker set up a database of these projects and follow - up and strengthen and be Sanda real the march of development sought by Iraq.

    Integration efforts

    economist Mohammed al - Najjar deal with the topic from the angle of the need to create an understanding on a high degree of public institutions and the private sector in order that efforts are complementary to each other and create an ideal environment contribute to completing the construction and reconstruction in accordance with the best international standards and periods specified time away from all forms of challenges that may accompany this important phase of the history of Iraq , where the need to strengthen the security of victory another economic easing the fuss about the Iraqi family.

    Economic academic d. Essam Mahouelle confirmed that major international companies specialized infrastructure waiting to achieve stability in order to bid for the establishment of projects in the province of Nineveh and the rest of the provinces dominated by the organization "Daesh" terrorist.

    He added Mahouelle in an interview with the "morning" that the combined efforts of reconstruction comes in coordination between the government and those companies, noting that the current stage requires keeping the ground and bring stability to what would facilitate the arrival of those companies and the implementation of investment contracts through payment on credit.

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