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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Development Bank and deny him custody of the Central


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Development Bank and deny him custody of the Central

Post by rocky on Tue 22 Apr 2014, 4:01 am

Development Bank and deny him custody of the Central
Baghdad world


Re international development bank issued him a book to "the world" has denied the statements made in the front page of the newspaper world on 04/13/2014 regarding the tutelage of the central bank to banks, including the Development Bank Akhlalha international standards because of the central bank.
The bank in its statement that "these statements have caused damage to the reputation of the bank," denying that the Development Bank of the intended actions between central banks.
The "world" published a report saying that the Central Bank of Iraq was placed under guardianship by a few days, in a move surrounded in secrecy high, four banks, known in Baghdad, sources said it is on the verge of collapse, as noted expert in the financial sector that the great imbalance in the performance of any bank require recourse to placed under guardianship.
The news echoed on the status of the CBI four banks under his tutelage, was told she was "breached its obligations and violated the standards of the Central Bank of Iraq."
A source in the Iraqi capital said "the world" that "put trusteeship not disrupt the work of the banks", pointing out that the measure of the competence of censorship.
He pointed out that the tutelage of the Iraqi Central Bank "reduce the risk of the collapse of the bank."
The spokesman declined to give details of the reasons that called for the Iraqi Central Bank to take action to put the custody of the four banks.
He said that "this information highly confidential" can not be published in the media.
But only to explain that there are "reasons to put the trusteeship, including those that have center banks alarming Mali; or she did not meet the requirement to complete the capital of the decision, and failed to flush him, which is 250 billion Iraqi dinars."
He stressed that resorting to measures put guardianship can be avoided because of the possibility of "the collapse of the bank."
And the subsequent actions of the measures put custody, the spokesman said "It is possible that they can be merged into two banks Bank of one in order to reach the roof of the required capital."
The Iraqi Central Bank announced on 5 March 2012 of the status of the Warka Bank under guardianship after the failure of talks with Standard Chartered Bank, which began in April 2011 to buy a stake in it.
The deputy governor of the Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Qasim at the time that "the bank put the Warka Bank under guardianship to supervise the work through insolvency," in reference to the cases of bankruptcy or disability.
The denominator that "Warka Bank had entered [in 2011] in talks with Standard Chartered Bank UK to sell one of his shares, but the talks have reached an impasse," noting that "the central bank gave the bank a chance to participate, Standard Chartered, but it did not happen , so we had no authority to interfere only financial chaperone. "
Qassem added at the time that "in case the bank has capital, and failed in its banking operations and faced an intractable problem, the central bank intervenes in accordance with its law in his capacity as trustee and appoint a new interim administration." But in the 12 March 2013, ie after 7 days of an Iraqi Central Bank, the news spread about the abolition of the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council and the tutelage of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Warka Bank, which lasted a whole year. It is noteworthy that Iraq has seven state-owned banks, 23 private banks and eight Islamic private banks, according to the website of the Central Bank, while the banking sector is dominated by banks, Rafidain and Rasheed Aovernmaan.

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