considered a member of the security and defense committee parliamentary Ali Ghanimi Friday that any meetings of the Security Council or any other UN organization on Iraq are useless unless graduated decisions serve the country 's sovereignty and interests, while noting the importance of reviewing the security agreement with Washington and its amendment more binding and clear. 

Al-Ghanami said in an interview with Alsumaria News that "any meetings held by the Security Council or any other international organization on Iraq is useless unless it comes out with resolutions that serve the sovereignty of the country and its interests and obligates countries that exceed our sovereignty to respect them." He pointed out that "Iraq needs to activate the diplomatic work And the standards of force that oblige countries not to overtake our country away from volatile positions or waiting for help from others. "

Al-Ghanmi added that "the security agreement obliged Washington to defend Iraq in the event of an external threat, which we did not find at the time of the entry of the terrorist groups and access to the outskirts of the capital," pointing out that "the forces on our territory are for training and counseling means it does not have the power to move On the ground or carrying out combat duties. " 

Al-Ghanami stressed that "the agreement with Washington as long as it did not provide what is required of them and did not abide by America and took from our territory a stepping stone to bypass the neighboring countries and the violation of Iraqi sovereignty, there must be a careful review of this agreement and reach a new agreement with America and more clearly and binding them Which is what we seek to achieve during the beginning of the next legislative term. " 

The Security Council was Held on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 session on the situation in Iraq, while the representative of Iraq in the Security Council, Mohammed Hussein Bahr al-Ulum, in his speech during the meeting, the Iraqi government refused to use its territory to attack neighboring countries, pointing out that no country allowed to turn Iraq into a yard to settle accounts With countries in the region.