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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Zarif offers in Kuwait a non-aggression agreement and secures Tehran to protect the Gulf


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Zarif offers in Kuwait a non-aggression agreement and secures Tehran to protect the Gulf Empty Zarif offers in Kuwait a non-aggression agreement and secures Tehran to protect the Gulf

Post by rocky on Mon 19 Aug 2019, 3:40 am


[size=52]Zarif offers in Kuwait a non-aggression agreement and secures Tehran to protect the Gulf[/size]

[size=45]Zarif offers in Kuwait a non-aggression agreement and secures Tehran to protect the Gulf 20190818_210251
[size=45]Kuwait - Tehran - Time[/size]
[size=45]Search Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif with Kuwaiti officials Sunday "regional developments " and developments in the region, According to the Kuwait News Agency. Political sources in Tehran said Zarif was presenting to Kuwait with a proposal for a joint Gulf-   backed defense system backed by Iran As an alternative to US forces and their allies.[/size]
[size=45]The agency said that Zarif met his Kuwaiti counterpart Sheikh Sabah Al - Khalid Al - Hamad Al- Sabah " and reviewed aspects of joint bilateral cooperation Between the two friendly countries and the latest regional developments and current developments in the region [/size]
[size=45]Zarif stressed in a tweet in English on Twitter that he " stressed that Iran 's proposal for a regional dialogue forum A non-aggression agreement eliminates the need to rely on external parties [/size]
[size=45]Zarif's visit to Kuwait comes at a time of heightened tension in the region.[/size]
[size=45]Tensions have mounted as Gulf oil tankers come under attack, which the United States has accused Iran of being behind, despite denials. Tehran, amid Iran's threat to close the Strait of Hormuz against the backdrop of US sanctions on it.[/size]
[size=45]Kuwait has good relations with Iran, unlike its neighbors in the Gulf, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia Bahrain.[/size]
[size=45]He also said Zarif Tweet " good talks with Kuwaiti Crown Prince and Minister of Foreign Affairs . I pray to the Prince for a speedy recovery [/size]
[size=45]And Sunday evening, the Kuwait News Agency said , quoting the Amiri Diwan that the Emir of Kuwait " has recovered thanks God and His grace of the health exhibitor suffered by His Highness after conducting the usual medical tests that culminated in the results Thanks to God for success [/size]
[size=45]The Emir of Kuwait (90 years ) appeared in public for the last time last week when his participation in the Eid prayers Al-Adha, according to the Kuwait News Agency. No development was reported in the prince's health.[/size]
[size=45]Sheikh Sabah succeeded his late brother Sheikh Jaber Al- Ahmad Al - Sabah in January / January 2006 .[/size]
[size=45]British authorities in Gibraltar on Sunday rejected a US request to seize the Iranian oil tanker, which is preparing US sanctions are not enforceable in the European Union.[/size]
[size=45]The Gibraltar authorities in a statement Sunday " under European law, it is not able to Gibraltar to provide assistance Requested by the United States.  Washington wants to seize the tanker based on US sanctions on Iran.[/size]
[size=45]This is the second time that the Gibraltar authorities have refused to seek US assistance in the context of this crisis Between Washington, Tehran and London.[/size]
[size=45]The Gibraltar authorities objected to the Fourth of July / July carrier " Grace 1" , under EU sanctions To Syria, on suspicion of transporting oil to this country.[/size]
[size=45]Thursday allowed the tanker to leave Tehran after ensuring that the cargo of 2.1 million barrels of oil will not be Delivered to Syria.[/size]
[size=45]In the meantime, the United States has made several requests to prevent the tanker from sailing, and made a ministry US Justice on Friday demanded the detention of the tanker based on US sanctions on Iran.[/size]
[size=45]The statement stressed that " the EU sanctions regime different fundamentally from the United States system " . In addition, preventing European systems " specifically apply some US laws " , including those provided for On sanctions against Iran.[/size]
[size=45]The interception caused the tanker " Grace 1"serious crisis between London and Tehran , which stressed that the point of the tanker did not Not Syria. As the Iranian authorities after 15 on this incident days the detention of the British oil tanker " Stena Aimbero " In the Strait of Hormuz.[/size]
[size=45]Iran has also seized two other oil tankers, exacerbating tensions in an area where it has been hit Several ships attacked or damaged by mines, and Iran shot down a US drone, all in the middle Increasingly tightening US sanctions on Iran.[/size]
[size=45]US President Donald Trump withdrew in 2018 from the nuclear agreement signed between the major powers and Iran, and returned Imposing severe sanctions on Tehran.[/size]
[size=45]The Europeans are trying to persuade Iran to continue to abide by the terms of the nuclear deal by reducing the impact of US sanctions on Iran Tehran, which includes boycotting all companies that insist on continuing to work with Iran in isolation from its nationality. The Soul[/size]
[size=45]- Sailing is imminent -[/size]
[size=45]The ship " Grace 1" Panamanian - flagged, and to enable it to continue sailing was named " Adrian Daria " It is flying the Iranian flag, which was seen flying on Sunday.[/size]
[size=45]He wrote the Iranian ambassador in London , Hamid Baeidi Nejad on Twitter Sunday that "the tanker will sail this evening " To complete the crew, two technical teams were on their way to Gibraltar on two flights, he said Two different.[/size]
[size=45]Several crew members, including its captain, were replaced because the United States threatened to refuse or withdraw visas entry "that are given to the crews of ships that help the Revolutionary Guards through the transfer of oil from Iran " .[/size]
[size=45]- Second rejection .[/size]
[size=45]The United States tried for the first time in the fifteenth of August / August to persuade Gibraltar authorities not Allow the carrier to sail by sending a request for judicial assistance, when the judiciary in Gibraltar is on guard Prepare to let her sail.[/size]


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