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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Prime Minister's advisor reveals the budget proposals and naming the negotiating delegation with


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The Prime Minister's advisor reveals the budget proposals and naming the negotiating delegation with Empty The Prime Minister's advisor reveals the budget proposals and naming the negotiating delegation with

Post by rocky on Tue 21 Apr 2020, 2:40 pm

The Prime Minister's advisor reveals the budget proposals and naming the negotiating delegation with Washington
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Advisor to the Prime Minister Abdel-Hussein Al-Hanin announced the preparation of a new draft of the General Budget Law, while revealing the naming of the Iraqi delegation negotiating with the American side on rearranging the relationship and withdrawal.
"The team assigned by the prime minister prepared a new model for the general budget law for the current year, and for the first time it approved the price of oil at two fixed, fixed prices," Al-Hanin said, noting that the proposed oil price in the budget is estimated at 30 dollars, and it has become much less than Previous budgets according to the variables. ”
He added that“ the fixed price in preparing the budget will cover salaries and basics, purchase of medicines, ration card and energy issues, in addition to other obligations. ”

He explained that "many proposals were included in the budget law, which will be submitted to the Council of Ministers for a vote, and then sent to the House of Representatives, among which is the prevention of charging more than one salary and choosing the person concerned in choosing who deems appropriate, as well as cutting off the allocations that were not covered by law."
And that "the other proposals included in the budget law are setting a fixed ladder at the highest salary ceiling for all groups, starting from the presidencies (the republic, ministers, deputies) provided that it is from 5 to 6 million as a higher ceiling, then it starts down according to the job hierarchy. The agreement in principle to stop paying the loans owed by the employee to the state-owned banks, as well as the housing fund until the improvement of the financial situation and the return of market activity, and this may require a year or two or more with the possibility of amortization of debts if necessary.
Budget deficit
and Al-Hanin noted that the expected deficit in the fixed part of the budget law for the current year is estimated at 20 trillion, which will be variable with the possibility of covering it from the variable price prepared in the budget law, which will also have a role in completing discontinued projects, developing the health system, building hospitals and developing roads Schools and other important projects.
Al-Hanin pointed to the existence of allocations related to special laws, such as the law of university service, whose change requires an amendment of laws and legislation in Parliament, noting that all governments that successively before and after 2003 were mainly dependent on one resource represented by oil, which always gives the state a comfort in Times of abundance open the way for calls to increase salaries and allocations and launch opportunities for appointment, which has had an impact on the country's inflation surprisingly.
Demonstration file
He cautioned that the demonstrations that started in the beginning of last October were intended to start from Basra under the pretext of exploiting the power outages and the lack of water, but this scheme has been foiled after the government's success in increasing energy supply over 24 hours in addition to providing drinking water to be transported To Plan (B) by launching it in other provinces, "stressing that the demonstrations, despite the existence of legitimate demands in the search for job opportunities and fighting corruption, but it hindered the work of the state for more than seven months."

He pointed out that Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi worked since he assumed the task of heading the government by reforming many aspects, including moving from job to contract by paying financial dues according to efficiency and completing tasks. He indicated that the majority of employees in the state receive far higher salaries than the amount of output provided.
Iraq debt
He added that Iraq’s external debt is estimated at 23 billion dollars, distributed between the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the JICA, Kuwait’s compensation, and the rest of the Paris Club’s debts, in addition to other countries, in addition to the internal debts that will not pose any risk.
Al-Hanin stressed that Iraq started its negotiations with oil companies before the Corona crisis in order to reduce the amounts that constitute the operational costs of licensing round projects, which are estimated annually at 11 billion dollars. It is reasonable to pay the companies without production. He explained that Iraq’s commitment to the decision to reduce is dependent on the commitment of all countries to the stipulated shares and the rate of reduction. Ana and satiety oil inventories, particularly India
And the file of transferring the sale of black oil to the Oil Marketing Company (SOMO) may constitute the most important decisions that stood to reduce corruption, as such a decision is to return about a billion dollars to the state’s public treasury, and this file may be added to it referring senior officials to integrity (about 100 files) It may be a direct reason to provoke the vengeance of many politicians against Adel Abdul-Mahdi and direct media and space channels owned by corrupt people to stir up public opinion and create discontent against the government.
A strategic dialogue with Washington, and Al-
Hanin indicated that the American side agreed in practice to see the prime minister in redeploying and withdrawing,
adding that the message that the Iraqi government received includes the opening of a strategic dialogue in next June, pointing out that the government named the Iraqi negotiating delegation that will be headed by an undersecretary The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and representatives of the army, national security, intelligence, intelligence, and others concerned with this file. "
He explained that "the last American message was referring to the redeployment of their forces out of Iraq," stressing that "Iraq wants to build balanced relations with all countries and did not allow its lands to be used as a springboard to threaten countries."

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