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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Major economic events in Iraq by 2012

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Major economic events in Iraq by 2012 Empty Major economic events in Iraq by 2012

Post by Hkp1 on Sun 30 Dec 2012, 1:33 pm

Major economic events in Iraq by 2012

Author: HM
Editor: AA
Sunday 30 k 1 2012 09: 59 GMT

Alsumaria news/Baghdad
high rate of oil exports after exploratory contracts, opening the
export platforms, as well as the opening of air and sea transport links
with Arab countries, and drop the proceedings against airlines in all
countries of the world, the most important economic events in Iraq by
2012, while other events have emerged to prejudice the lives of Iraqi
citizens in the base class is the replacement of ration items with cash.

2012 was not free from economic problems have affected the development
of the country, most notably failed to reach the target of electricity
power, despite the Declaration of the Ministry of electricity that it
would amount to high levels of energy gradually, but failed to reach the
planned beforehand, with more than 8,000 MW in the best cases,
including energy imported from Iran.

(16 January), Directorate of
railways of the southern region Announces conducted actually develop a
link between Iraq and Iran over Basra after Iran completed a line within
its territory.

The oil Ministry disclosed in (January 18), a
plan to increase oil production by 2012 to 3 million and 400 thousand
barrels per day and increase oil exports to 2 million and 600,000
barrels a day.

(5 February), the planning Ministry announced updated national development plan 2010-2014 to be from 2013-2017.

the oil Ministry launches in the presence of Prime Minister Nuri
al-Maliki first offshore platform Mono floating oil export 900,000
barrels a day card, run the platform for raising export capacity of Iraq
across the Bay to 2 million and 700,000 barrels a day.

Ministry of transport opens new air route between Basra and Abu
Dhabi in the light of the airline Emirates Federation organized the
first flight via the new line, and then rolled flights four times a

And five days after Iraq announced the first draft of the FAO port.

the General company management ports Iraq Announces the
development of a navigational line of Iraqi and Iranian passenger
transport between ports of Abadan (Ibadan) in Khuzestan province and Abu
flus in Basrah governorate.

(5 May), MoE declares that the
energy produced would be in June (7450) MW, in the month of July (9000)
MW, and the electricity produced and will be added in August (9600) MW,
in the month of September (9800) MW, and in October (10) MW, while in
November (10200) MW, up in December (10400) MW, in the month of January
of the next year 2013, noted that electricity produced and added Will
(10,600) MW, while in February (11400) MW, in the month of March up to
(12125) MW, in the month of April will (12330) MW.

However, this
Declaration of Ministry of electricity this is not, as planned, with
more than 8,000 MW in the best cases, including energy imported from

(17 May), the oil Ministry announced that Iraq has become the second largest oil exporter in OPEC, after Saudi Arabia.

Ministry of oil decides to disqualify us Chevron and the second
American company contracted with Kurdistan region after company Oxon

In (early August), preliminary contracts were signed for
exploration and investment in exploratory areas 8, 9, 12 international
oil companies won in the fourth round of licenses.

In (11
the Central Bank announces a rise in Iraq of foreign currency
reserves to 67 billion dollars up from 63 billion dollars at the end of
may last year, asserting that these reserves are the largest in the
history of Iraq.

(22 August), Ministry of planning announces contract with three companies to inspect the goods in the countries of origin.

(23 October),
Cabinet approved the largest federal budget in history of
Iraq to 2013 by b 138 trillion dinars in total 18.8 trillion deficit.

the month (November)
saw the first day, the 39 session of the Baghdad
international fair with the participation of 20 countries and more than
1,000 Arab and foreign companies.

Andafter six days of this
month, the Cabinet decided to replace the current ration cash is
distributed among the insured (15) 1,000 dinars per person, was rejected
by the citizens and some clergy and officials which led to Council of
Ministers decision and action to hold a popular referendum on the

Andtwo days after the US company Exxon Mobil formally
withdrew from West Qurna and renew its oil Ministry that the withdrawal
of the oil companies contracted with the territory fields won by oil
licensing rounds.

(15 November), Steamboat Baghdad up China and
anchored in the port of Khor Al-Zubair as the first new ship for
transfer of containers belonging to Iraq since 1990, and joined to the
Iraqi fleet is composed of two only.

(13 December)The first Boeing arrived to Iraq out of 40 planes contracted by Iraq with the company.

In (20 January), drop all proceedings against Iraqi Airways worldwide.

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