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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Germany’s Refugee Crisis is Starting to Explode


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Germany’s Refugee Crisis is Starting to Explode

Post by Lobo on Sun 10 Jan 2016, 1:37 pm

Germany’s Refugee Crisis is Starting to Explode

Posted on January 10, 2016 by Martin Armstrong

The Arab sexual assault in Cologne, Germany, occurred on New Year’s Eve when hundreds of male refugees robbed and carried out sexual assaults against over 100 girls. This illustrates one of the huge problems with allowing such a mass migration of a starkly different culture.

But what has become the BIG NEWS, is the cover-up by the major news in Germany who did not publish the story for three days. On January 6th, Denmark began “temporary” passport checks on the German-Danish border. The attempt to cover-up the Cologne attacks with one-third being sexual, has sent a shock-wave in Europe behind the headlines. The temporary passport checks in Denmark is a clear response to Germany’s unprecedented acceptance of refugees who a portion are not quite ready for Western living. The men involved were said to be Syrian.
The German government and the press have tried to hide the issue because they are not prepared to admit this has been a tremendous mistake. Welcoming in huge numbers of boys from a culture which denigrates women is a clash of cultures which will not be resolved. The European Commission itself now estimates that another 3 million will enter Europe and many of them are not educated even in their own Arab language and are unemployable. This is a huge disaster that will tear Europe apart and will only get far worse. Because Merkel made Time Magazine person of the year for this very issue of allowing the Muslims to enter, she cannot admit she made a mistake. This policy was to soften her hardline approach to the debt crisis in Greece created by the EU’s failed design of the Euro and Goldman Sach’s manipulation of their debt. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY Merkel can reverse this policy for politicians will never admit such mistakes. She has doomed Europe and nobody will stand up and tell the truth.
In many parts of the world, Western women are pictured as sex-crazed creatures. Since Arab women are supposed to be modest, seeing a Western woman dressed provocatively can be seen as an invitation based upon their culture. Many were dressed up for the New Year’s Eve Party.
In some Arab countries, Western women can be jailed for wearing a two-piece bathing suit or for simply walking down the street without an escort. In some cities in India, women staying alone in hotels are placed on a women’s floor where guards are stationed at night. You cannot easily mix cultures with such diverse social views without creating new risks.
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