BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq called on the head of the National Accord Party , Iyad Allawi, on Sunday, the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Iran to ease the tone of recrimination, and emptied of references sectarianism and factionalism. Allawi said in a statement today: "It is moving the nose of the Muslims and their lives in all parts of the earth these days, towards Mecca, where the rituals of the holy pilgrimage university, and are looking at various homelands to the Eid al - Adha and start achieving peace and harmony and to stop fighting and bloodshed, and to move with confidence towards a regional conference seeks to stop the fallout and paves the way for relations based on mutual interests and balance on the one hand and on the respect for sovereignty and non -interference in the internal affairs of the other. "He added that" thus spoil their hopes and joy ofthis unfortunate escalation in the political and media discourse between the two major Islamic states sister; Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran, and so as to deepen unfortunately, divisions that sought by enemies the nation, and feeds the temptations that threaten to tear apartthe fabric of their peoples, and push cases of extremism to blowouts after nearly cooperation ofother countries in the world would lead to bring the curtain down on the final scene to organize Daesh, and hoping to end the Syrian crisis for the benefit of its people holy. "and that" theleaderships of the two countries recognize that no interest for Iran 's anti - Arab and Arab interestsof anti - Iran, and no doubt the responsibility of all the historical to the stability of states and peoples and Islamic defeat extremism and terrorism, and to focus energies in building a common future and strengthen the ties to serve the peace and development of the peoples of the Islamic all, and to avoid the risk pushing the situation to the case of friction or conflict direct or indirect God forbid. "He called on the leaderships of the two countries and all the region 's leaders to ease the tone of recrimination, and emptied of references sectarian sectarian provocative that do harm to theimage of Islam of tolerance and unity, and to adopt a more conciliatory language leads to paths of dialogue in resolving and settling the outstanding issues, to miss opportunity to our enemies in thebombing of the region, and the realization of the conflicts between her sons, and the depletion ofresources.