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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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What did he say months, an Israeli expert on Iran's ballistic missile industry?


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What did he say months, an Israeli expert on Iran's ballistic missile industry?

Post by rocky on Thu 23 Mar 2017, 3:29 am

What did he say months, an Israeli expert on Iran's ballistic missile industry?

The enormous development reached by long-range Iranian missile industry has forced many Israeli experts and specialists in the manufacture of rockets on the recognition of this great achievement, noting at the same time that the Iranian ballistic missiles able to hit and destroy targets deep into Israel with extreme precision.
One of these experts is the engineer in missile officer in the Israeli army, "Uzi Rubin," which is one of the specialists months in this area of ​​the world and the Middle East in particular industry.
Rubin served as director general of the Israeli missile program between 1991 and 1999, and since then he has shown special interest industry Iranian missiles, with different articles and analyzes in this field.
Before about a year and a half, specifically in the July 17, 2015 gave Rubin a lecture in Washington, before a gathering of experts and officers of Americans in the areas of missiles and nuclear weapons which he stressed that Iran has been able to manufacture a lot of very sophisticated ballistic missiles, including the "Light 110" missile, which is characterized by precision in destroying the very large targets, whether inside Israel or US bases deployed in the region, including the US fifth Fleet.
Featuring rocket "Light" that runs solid fuel composite and provider of advanced sensors, has passed the tests carried him successfully through injury for the targets accurately from different angles by a local-made system.
Rubin pointed out that Iran supplied Syria and Hezbollah types of these missiles that can be used against "Israel" in any possible confrontation.
He stressed that the Israeli expert on Iran successfully manufacture many kinds of ballistic missiles and the numbers are very enormous, expressing his belief that Tehran has been able to export multiple types of these missiles to other countries.

Rubin pointed in particular to ballistic missiles manufactured by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps in Iran, which also confirmed that it is characterized by the tremendous precision and the ability to destroy targets, including "Dawn 5" rockets , which is very similar to "missiles GLMRS"American-made in terms of accuracy and destructive power.
Rubin stressed on Iran began years ago in the manufacturing of ballistic missiles with ranges between 2,000 and 3,000 kilometers and on a large scale and sophisticated and is now one of the developed world powers in this area.
Rubin emphasized that Iran has succeeded in achieving a quantum leap when it announced in November 2007 for possession of a ballistic missile, multi-stage and works solid fuel, which is known as the "Ashura" and increase its range to 2,000 kilometers, while Western sources suggested that this range up to 2400 km.
The Israeli missile expert pointed out that Iran does not need nuclear weapons because it is able to defend itself by long-distance and other sophisticated weapons owned and which raised the level of their ability to deter so dramatically during the last years of its missiles.
He also drew This expert known that Iran was also able to rocket industry mimic "cruise" missiles in terms of accuracy and the ability to destroy targets and record time, bowing that raises respected Hat Iranian engineers who were able to manufacture and produce these multiple terms of quality and the many terms of the number of rockets .
Rubin also pointed to Iran's ability to manufacture types of warplanes, despite the ban imposed over its nuclear standoff with the West, in addition to its success in the launch of a multi-purpose satellites, expressing his belief that this scientific and technical progress in the missile industry and equipment "Jaw- satellite "leaps will bring other quality in the coming years.
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