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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Fourth wife of Osama bin Laden reveal new details about his death


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Fourth wife of Osama bin Laden reveal new details about his death

Post by rocky on Thu 25 May 2017, 6:06 am

Fourth wife of Osama bin Laden reveal new details about his death

Arab and international Thursday , 25 May 2017

Revealed the hope of bin Laden's fourth wife and the youngest of Osama bin Laden, the founder of "Al Qaeda", new details about the night of the killing in the city of Abbottabad Pakistan on 01/05/2011, at the hands of US forces.

Root hope, that she was staying with her husband and six of their children in the house they saw as safe in Pakistan, where the first man was killed in the wanted list of the United States for more than 10 years, her story of two writers Kathy Scott Clark and Adrian Levy in their book "Exile: A Journey of Osama bin Laden," who borrowed The newspaper "The Sunday Times of London.

She said the hope that by 11 pm on May 1 / May 2011, after dinner and eating dishes and prayers, cover bin Laden quickly into a deep sleep, while she was his fourth wife lying next to him.

In the streets outside the house it was dark because of the lack of electricity, which is common in the region, but I hope I woke up disturbed in the middle of the night, as I heard successive kicks louder and I thought that they see shadows dancing on the windows.

And suddenly woke up Osama bin Laden and sat trembling scared, shouting: "Americans are coming," then the voice screams followed by a raucous noise shook around the house, and clung to, according to a novel of hope, his wife's hand and rushed to the balcony he read the scene.

Amal said: "It was a night with no moon, and night vision which is very difficult."

She added that in the garden, on Mrahma, there are two Sodawan model "Black Hawk" and 24 soldiers later found to be from the band "SEAL" US Special Forces were running individually as they sneak into the garden and the house was.

On the second floor balcony it was bin Laden's third wife, Siham, and her son Khaled, who was 22 years old, and they are following the movements of the Americans.

He called bin Laden's son to come to him, a dress in his sleep, he was seized Khaled from a machine gun model "AK-47" did not shoot him since he was 13 years, according to a novel of hope.

And I began to hope and arrows to reassure children who were crying, and they all went to the top floor where they had gathered, and as soon as they heard a loud explosion, managed by elements of the band "SEAL" from the destruction of the gate and the storming of the house.

The pronunciation of bin Laden finally saying: "They want me and I was not you", directed his speech to his family and commanded them to go to the basement, but the most dangerous two daughters, two large, Mary and toxicity, hiding in the balcony while arrows went and his son Khaled to the basement.

On the upper floor, the hope of bin Laden and Hussein remained small son in the small room praying.

Amal said she realized that someone had infiltrated the small circle betrayed.

The US forces have already reached the time to lobby, and the dawn of the soldiers closed the door before heading up and with them an Arabic-speaking, and Khaled repeatedly called, once considered Khaled through the balcony peek, they had managed to Guens shot him.

The toxicity and Mary rushed to the special forces, in direct response Nnbhma the Arabic-speaking soldier, and if they managed their Ooagafoheme to the wall.

Walked member of the task "SEAL", Robert O'Neill, before them and entered the room, as she was hoping for, according to her story for "Sunday Times" in front of her husband and is protected from Talqathm, then rushed to the American soldier to attack him, but was shot by another soldier entered the room .

I felt hope and severe pain by firing on her leg and shed tears from her eyes, and collapsed on the bed and lost consciousness, according to the British newspaper.

O'Neill described later how he was shooting at Bin Laden, after he broke into many American soldiers his room and shot him dead.

At the same time, Amal said she woke up, but she had to have to pretend that it is dead, closed her eyes and tried to slow her breathing.

Amal said that the child Hussein, the son of bin Laden, the youngest, has seen everything, and grabbed by the band "SEAL" soldiers and threw water in his face.

The children gathered forces, and identified their identities, while the raid lasted only several minutes and left forces carrying the body of Osama bin Laden's place.

A few minutes later, I heard the screams of their neighbors when they cried out wondering is there one of them is still alive?

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