deputy accused Hoshyar Abdullah , on Tuesday, former Prime Minister Haider al -Abadi to pay the salaries of the province without a legal cover to win a second term, while noting that the current prime minister , Adel Abdul - Mahdi has a clear direction to resolve the oil file with the Kurdistan region. 

Abdullah said in a statement he received Alsumaria News a copy of him that "the political parties are targeting Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi because he paid the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region under the cover of the legal and through the financial budget," noting that "Abdel-Mahdi's policies towards the region can not be compared to the policies of former Prime Minister Haidar Abadi paid the salaries of the region's employees at a certain rate without a legal cover, in order to please the Kurdish political parties and get their support for him for a second term. "

He added that "current Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi has a clear direction and vision of a strategy to resolve the oil file with the Kurdistan region, and has serious intentions to resolve this dilemma and the problems that have been stuck for years between the two sides, and these positive trends deserve to support and solidarity with them." 

"It is too early to insult the Prime Minister and to target him politically and from his government because he has not received enough time so we should give him more opportunities to solve the problems he can solve between Baghdad and Erbil , especially with regard to the oil file we support." That the principle of transparency is adopted and that it is sold through the company of Sumo. "He stressed that" the most important thing is that the citizens of the region do not pay the tax of differences, as happened in the era of Abbadi, who refrained from finding a solution to this problem.

Abdullah said that "at the end of the previous session was paid a specific percentage of the salaries of the region's employees totaling 317 billion dinars a month by the Abbadi and for political purposes, and when he began Abdul Mahdi, currently pay the salaries of the region's employees with a legal cover and through the budget began Abadi and some of his deputies and close politicians From targeting Abdul-Mahdi only because he is the most equitable people in the region and because he started a new page through which he aims to solve problems seriously. " 

"The citizens of the province who were treated by Abdul Mahdi are simple Iraqi people who have been deprived of their salaries. These are the same people who were punished by Mr. Abbadi in the previous session when the leaders of the major parties in the region were merciless at the expense of citizens. And deprives political leaders of their own ambitions. "