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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.

Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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    Men, It Is Time To Start Protecting Our Wives and Daughters


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    Men, It Is Time To Start Protecting Our Wives and Daughters Empty Men, It Is Time To Start Protecting Our Wives and Daughters

    Post by Lobo Tue 24 May 2016, 5:38 pm

    Men, It Is Time To Start Protecting Our Wives and Daughters

    By Ray Gano -
    May 24, 2016

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    Men, It Is Time To Start Protecting Our Wives and Daughters Ray-gano-medBy Ray Gano
    Chicago man chokes 8-year-old girl in public bathroom
    CHICAGO (WATE) – The Chicago Sun Times reports that an 8-year-old girl was choked by a man who was in the women’s bathroom.
    The girl’s mother was shopping when her daughter went to the restroom alone. The mother heard a scream and ran into the bathroom where she found 33-year-old Reese M. Hartstirn carrying the unconscious little girl into a stall.
    He had used his hands to strangle her until she passed out.
    Other store patrons assisted the mother in restraining Harstirn until police arrived to arrest him.   Source –
    This girl is lucky and so is her mother.
    She is not dead and she is going to live to see another day.
    But what is the price that she is going to have to pay? The physiological trauma of having some pervert try to kill her just because he wanted to?
    What happened? Did this guy wake up that day and decide “HEY.. I am going to self-identify as a child murderer?”
    Men, It Is Time To Start Protecting Our Wives and Daughters Man-strangled-girl-in-bathroom-300x208For some time I have been warning people that we need to start thinking about defending ourselves. I am not talking about being the aggressor, but truly defending ourselves without aggression.
    FOLKS… we are living in the last days of the last days. Even though we say it, so many of us do not live it.
    We have godless heathens walking the earth and now THEY are the ones who are in the majority.
    There was a time when Christians and Christian ethics were the law of the land. Well, that is no more and it is now the lawless who rule.
    Because the lawless heathen rules the land, we need to realize that they do not hold to the same values and ethics that we as children of God hold to.
    They do not care or respect the 10 commandments.
    They do not care or value life. In their eyes we are hybrid forms of monkeys, thus we are animals with no souls.
    So what is the big deal if they kill off another soulless hybrid monkey?
    It is the predator that now has all the rights and the victim has none.
    So like it or not, MEN… it is now time that we start protecting our wife and children when it comes to them being in public places, but particularly the public restrooms.


    MEN… now is the time that we stand up and start protecting our families from those out there that wish to harm our loved ones.
    I am reminded of Lot and how he protected the angels that came to him.
    Here is what scripture said…
    Genesis 19:4-5 But before they lay down, the men of the city, even the men of Sodom, compassed the house round, both old and young, all the people from every quarter: 5 And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them.
    Men, It Is Time To Start Protecting Our Wives and Daughters Sodom-and-gomorrah-300x300The term “To Know” is the same term used when Adam “knew” his wife Eve. It means to have sex with that person.
    So this mob was demanding that Lot send out those men so that they can “Sodomize” them.
    This is what is we are witnessing today in our own society.
    It is basically the same and the perverse law is on these predators side. The law says that these people now have access to our families where before it was unthinkable to allow these predators in.
    What does God’ Word say?
    Scripture Says…
    Psalms Chapter 82:3-4 Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy. 4 Deliver the poor and needy: rid [them] out of the hand of the wicked.
    1 Timothy 5:8 But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.
    This means that if our females need to use the bathroom, we need to ensure their safety and be ready to protect them.
    That is one of our jobs as husbands and fathers.


    The information that I am presenting is tough. It is information that could get a person arrested.
    But personally I would rather be tried by 12 than seeing my wife or children being carried out by 6, dead in a casket.
    That little 8 year old girl was very lucky that she survived that attack, but are you willing to put all your chips and bet that your wife or kids are just as lucky?
    You need to fully understand what I am presenting here and not turn into some John Wayne wanna-be.
    We are living in days where we need to be using our brain, and not turn into some gung-ho, damn the torpedoes sort of person.
    That means that we have got to stop burying our head in the sand and take responsivity for the safety of our families when we are in public places.
    This is a pure fact that we need to nail down in our brains.
    In today’s world we as Christians… the law is already against us.
    We need to understand this fact and if you take these steps that scripture tells us to take and situations escalate, you will be made to look like the bad guy and not the pervert predator.
    Just to give you an example, look this over.

    Guard Arrested, Charged for Trying to Stop Transgender Woman From Using Women’s Restroom

    Washington D.C. Security Guard Could Face Hate Crime Charges
    A female security guard at a Giant grocery store has been arrested after trying to prevent a transgender woman from using the women’s restroom. NBC Washington News4 reports the “confrontation escalated to shoving or pushing,” according to a source.
    WUSA9 reporter Garrett Haake reports on Twitter the guard was charged with assault:
    “Sources say the guard then pushed the woman from the bathroom area all the way to the store exit.” ABC7 reports.
    ABC7’s Jennifer Donelan adds the security guard is female and “under investigation for hate crime for allegedly using homophobic slur.”
    Source –
    NOW… as you can see this guard did not do the right thing and became the aggressor. This is why she is facing charges.
    But we can clearly see that her actions, if they were taken say just a few years ago, that female security guard would have been viewed as the hero. Today she is facing charges against her for doing her job.


    Yep that is right. Don’t need the hassle, don’t use the public bathrooms. Simple solution, problem solved.
    But life is not that way and like it or not when the need to go… well you need to go.
    Like it or not, it means that we must avoid putting our family in a situations where they need to use a public restroom where they might encounter some sort of pervert or predator.
    How do we deal with this?
    Simple solution.
    FIRST – That means that EVERYONE needs to use the bathroom BEFORE they leave the house.
    SECOND – it is a very good idea to purchase a couple of “Travel Urinals” so that you can keep them in your car.
    Men, It Is Time To Start Protecting Our Wives and Daughters Travel-urinal-web-300x181Everyone needs to learn how to use these just in case the need arises.
    Here is one that I am recommending because it is inexpensive (15.95 from Amazon), BUT… it also has a female adaptor so that a woman or a girl can also use it.
    Travel Urinal –
    If you have gotten this far you probably think I am a complete lunatic and going WAY overboard.
    This is true, but my responsibility as a husband and father drives me to these lengths where I need to make sure that my family are protected.
    So if YOU are out in public, YOU need to decide are you going to do what is right when it comes to protecting your wife and children OR can you avoid the situation completely by …
    1 – Just leaving and going back home
    2 – Just using one of the travel urinals that we now need to make as part of our everyday life.
    You as head of household need to weigh these things every time you leave the home.
    Is this harsh?
    Yes it is, but what you need to really drill into your head is that this isn’t the “Leave it to Beaver” world where everything was honky dory, life was grand and people had a conscience.
    Today we are living in Sodom and Gomorrah, or at least some sort of reality that really comes close to it.
    Men, we need to take action and be aware of our surroundings.


    If you are out and about and the need arises where you MUST use a public bathroom, try to find a bathroom that is a single room and not one where multiple people can use at once.
    Men, It Is Time To Start Protecting Our Wives and Daughters Stay-kds-safeIt is good of you as the husband to probably take a day and go to all the places you and your family frequent and check into the different bathrooms.
    I am not saying going into the women’s bathroom, but go into the men’s and if it a single toilet, odds are that the women’s is the same.
    You need to make a mental note of these “safe” bathrooms.
    You also need to make note of where you are and what bathroom you do NOT want to use.
    For example, I would not let my wife or child use a Target bathroom. In fact I have joined the boycott and refuse to shop at Target.
    I would not let my wife or child use any bathroom that the corporation sides or shows sympathy with the transgender idea.
    YEAH… I know what is going through your head and you probably think I am completely loco, but folks, this is the days that we are living in. God warned us of this and like it or not this is where we are in the whole last days plan. They are not good, they are in fact dangerous, especially with ungodly laws such as this being passed where predators are being allowed in bathrooms today.
    I know that a lot of what I am saying sound WAY OVERBOARD. But again, what do you think the mother of that 8 year old daughter is thinking?
    If she had the chance to do it over again and put some of these rules in place, think she would gladly do it to prevent this crazy from attacking her child?
    I believe she would.
    Just so you know, this case with the 8 year old is not a singularity. The Liberty Councel has been tracking these sort of cases and there is a VERY LONG LIST (50 cases) where women or children have been violated in one form or another.
    You can view that list here —
    This is a reality folks, and because this is the crazy world that we now live in, we as hubands and fathers need to make sure that our families health and welfare as well as their security is maintained.
    For this reason I am suggesting that families sit down and discuss what I am calling “Rules of Conduct” and “Rules of Engagement.”


    What do you do if you are in a public restroom?
    How do you ensure the safety of your wife and children?
    Again, what you and your family need to strongly understand is that it is no longer safe for our wife and children to go into public restroom.
    It is the perverted predator that now has all the rights, AND the predators are very happy and want to take advantage of this ungodly law that was passed.
    So here are some guidelines for you and your family to talk over and consider. These are just suggestions on some rules to help protect your wife and kids.
    Men, It Is Time To Start Protecting Our Wives and Daughters Te-grat-front-300x1851 – Never enter a bathroom alone. Always have an adult family member or trusted friend with you..
    2 – If one has to go to the bathroom, a male who is able to defend stand outside and observe who is going in and try to prevent any possible predator gaining access while wife and children are in the facilities.
    Better yet, Husbands, it is time to self-identify as your wife and child’s bodyguard and go into the bathroom with them. If someone enters, let them know that you are ensuring the safety of your wife and child and if they don’t like it, go complain to the manager.
    3 – If you choose not to enter the bathroom with your family, then the oldest female enters the bathroom, check to make sure no one else is in the bathroom. If there is someone, leave and wait to till they exit. This way the bathroom is safe to occupy, then the male can stand at the door to prevent unwanted deviants from entering.
    4 – Older females will ALWAYS have at least one means to defend themselves IN HAND when they are first entering a bathroom and in a case like this I would recommend a stun gun. This way if they are ambushed and assaulted, they will have the weapon ready to protect themselves at a moment’s notice.
    5 – It is wise that males have some form of defensive weapon on them and ready to be used if the questionable individual decides to escalate the situation and become an aggressor. You are no good if you are taken out of the picture by some deviant who has intent to harm you, your wife or your child.


    WARNING #1 – if you are the husband and you are protecting your family, know that there is the chance that you could be detained and arrested. So you need to use your brain and think things through as they are happening. You need to know 100% what you are doing.
    WARNING #2 – We as Christians are NOT called to be violent nor be on the offensive. That means we are not to become the assailant and assault a person. We are called to defend and we MUST act to defend in the most peaceful manner as possible. A lot of times that can be achieved by just asking a person in a cool calm voice to please be patient and just wait a moment.  
    With that said… If you or someone else is going to enter the bathroom or stand near the door, then you need to be ready to possibly confront a person who has questionable intent as well as screen people who are going in with an honest need to use the bathroom.
    In fact, if you choose to stand outside and friendly females seemed concerned and think you are a predator (which can happen) you might want to let them know you are waiting for your wife and kids and that you are just keeping an eye on things while your wife and children are in there. They will probably be grateful that you are there as well.
    Men, It Is Time To Start Protecting Our Wives and Daughters Stcs-weaponize-web-187x300But no matter what, you need to have plans in your head ahead of time so that you know how you will react and that you have contingencies in place if something does arise.
    What you do not want to happen is things get out of hand. This is why you have to really think things though and know exactly how you are going to handle things.
    So with that said, here are some recommendations for you to discuss with your wife and family so that you are all on the same sheet of paper.
    Rule of Engagement – 1 – If some questionable individual tries to enter the bathroom, the male needs to stand in the way of the door and ask the questionable individual in a calm voice to please wait a few moments so that the family members can finish their business. If things escalate, and you are outside, enter the bathroom with the questionable individual so that the male can escort the family members out of the bathroom.
    Rule of Engagement – 2 – If some questionable individual tries to enter the bathroom, then the male needs to stand his ground at the door putting himself between him and the questionable individual so that he can prevent access. At the first sign of any aggression, the male will start shouting at the top of his lungs “ BACK OFF… GET AWAY FROM ME… STOP… YOU CAN NOT PASS AT THIS MOMENT. Shout anything that will cause the individual to stop trying to gain access at that moment and draw attention to the situation that is taking place.
    Rule of Engagement – 3 – If things do escalate, DO NOT use your hands to push the questionable individual back or away. Place your body in the way and your back against the door. This way the questionable individual must use physical force to get past you, thus he/she has to lay hands on you if they wish to get through the door. The moment that they do, they are in the arena of physical assault. It is at this time that you need to determine to defend yourself and if need be use the weapon to protect yourself.
    If you do have to use weapon, am recommending a stun gun to defend yourself from this sort of an assault.
    NOTE #1 – You need to check the laws in your area which dictate the definition of assault.
    NOTE #2 – While you are being assaulted, you need to continue the shouting to STOP… GET AWAY FROM ME… STOP PUSHING ME…STOP HITTING ME… it is at this time that you have drawn enough attention to yourself that you should be able to use your stun gun to prevent this person from assaulting you any further.
    Rule of Engagement – 4 – If assaulted, you need to know your local laws and what you can do to use to defend yourself. Can you use a stun gun if assaulted in this manner? Can you use some other weapon to protect yourself from a questionable individual like pepper spray? If so what manner of force can you use as someone who is protecting themselves?
    Men, It Is Time To Start Protecting Our Wives and Daughters Do-not-be-the-agressor-209x300The key is that you DO NOT become the aggressor. It is very easy to slip past that line of defending one’s self and becoming the aggressor. So this is why you really need to check into your local laws so that you know your rights to defend.
    It is at this moment where you are being assaulted where having a good stun gun can come into play. Using this as a warning device and letting the person hear and see the electrical sparks being discharged will often make the person think twice about engaging the male.
    This in and of itself will also give your family members time to hear a situation and then get out of the bathroom as fast as possible.
    Now this is an area where you need to really think things through.
    Do you wait around for the police to arrive or do you and your family just leave the establishment?
    Remembering the days with which we are living in do you want to be arrested for protecting your family, or should you just get the heck out of dodge?
    If you choose to vacate the area quickly then get out of there fast. Don’t talk to anyone, do not stop, get out of the vicinity. If you are on private property like a shopping mall or such, just leave.
    This action could be skirting the law and you have to do your research to see what the laws say in your local area.
    Odds are that the establishment will be glad that you have left and try to avoid a scene.


    Like it or not, you may need to call upon some sort of weapon so that you can defend yourself against some radical predator who may be assaulting you or your family inside the public bathroom.
    The reason these predators are winning is because no one is pushing back and everyone is allowing themselves to become sheeple against these wolves.
    It is time to defend ourselves from these predator wolves. Loved ones are now suffering psychological effects, physical damage, even a couple cases of attempted murder; all from predators preying upon our wives and children in public restrooms.
    With that, we need to realize that this sort of situation will be a close quarter combat situation.
    Think 3-4 feet at the most 1- 2 feet most likely.
    So you need to have weapons that you can deploy or have in your hand that will deter the person from assaulting you.
    So for this reason I would highly recommend more defensive weapons like a stun gun.
    You are not here to prevent a person from gaining ever. Your goal here is to stop the person for just for a minute. A lot of times you can just talk to them and that will give your family the time to get things done and out of the bathroom. You are not there to take the person out permanently.
    This is that fine line between defending and becoming the assailant yourself. Don’t be a “John Wayne.”
    With a stun gun you can let the person know that you mean business by letting them see the electrodes lighting up and the crackling popping sound that the stun gun makes. You can also stating to the person that you have 1,000,000 volts getting ready to course through them is another deterrent.
    In most cases, this will stop the predator because what you need to remember is that predators are cowards deep down inside. They do not want the fight. So odds are that if you take this sort of position, they will not cross the line, but instead will back off a bit and start doing some strong vocalizing, body posturing and trying to intimidate you.
    Don’t let this affect you, stand your ground, letting them know that once your family is done they can then gain access to the bathroom. You need to let them know that you are not saying that they are not allowed access. They just cannot gain access while your wife and family are in there. They are a big boy/girl, they can hold it for another minute or two.  Once your loved ones get out, you and they then vacate the area and leave the store / mall, where ever ASAP.


    ZAP 1,000,000 Volt Stun Flashlight it

    Men, It Is Time To Start Protecting Our Wives and Daughters Zap-flashlight-300x300The first on my list I personally own and I love it. It has been with me for over 5 years and is a great flashlight to boot.
    The ZAP 1,000,000 Volt Flashlight is beefy in the hand and can double as a sort of kubaton. You can punch with it as well as come down on someone’s head with it as well.
    But most of all it is a great stun gun. I often use it when I am speaking publicly and the sound gets everyone’s attention and has even startled some folks with it.
    PRO – Pretty good flashlight that one can use in a pinch
    PRO – The electrode sparks are pretty significant and put on quiet a light show. This is a huge deterrent factor.
    PRO – It is heavy in the hand but not to heavy. You can use it also to help punch or use as a kubaron type weapon
    ZAP 1,000,000 Flashlight Stun Gun –

    Streetwise POLICE FORCE 9,200,000 Volt TACTICAL Stun Gun Flashlight

    Men, It Is Time To Start Protecting Our Wives and Daughters Streetwise-stungun-300x300This is another great stun gun and is what my wife carries. It is smaller in diameter, so it fits a woman’s hand really well.
    But I have to admit that I like it to because it is small enough to conceal and keep in the hand without it being obvious that you have a stun gun in your hand.
    This is a good weapon for the person going into the bathroom.
    PRO – Slim and can fit smaller hands
    PRO – 9,000,000 volts and rechargeable – that is a lot of volts you will send through a person
    PRO – Really good price roughly $25.00. With a price like this, you are able to purchase several so that multiple people can carry these.
    Streetwise POLICE FORCE 9,200,000 Volt TACTICAL Stun Gun  –

    Vipertek VTS-989B V Mini Stun Gun Rechargeable with LED Flashlight

    Men, It Is Time To Start Protecting Our Wives and Daughters Vipertech-stungun-300x300This is a really impressive stun gun. I can’t say that I actually own one of these, but I know several people who do and they fit the hand really well. I am also impressed with the lanyard that you can put around your wrist.
    In reading the reviews on Amazon, you can see it gets a lot of positive reviews and many people who have stunned themselves or had someone stun them with it, it took them down. In fact one woman said she dropped her 200+lb boyfriend with it no problem.
    In regards to the PROS, since I have not owned one, I cannot give my personal opinion. I have just held one briefly and like I stated, they really fit the hand well without it being to bulky.
    The one feature that I did like is that there is a metal strip where an assailant would naturally grab. If they do and you fire the stun gun, that area also will stun them. That is a great feature to have.
    The one negative that I saw was the safety switch. This is where I can see some practise needed in activating this stun gun and getting it ready to be used. BUT… if you are on guard near the bathroom, then you should be ready to use this and be ready with the safety off.
    Vipertek VTS-989B V Mini Stun Gun Rechargeable with LED Flashlight\


    We need to get it in our heads that the majority of the people out there do not love God. That means that they do not love us. They don’t care for us and they do not care if we are threatened, harmed or violated.
    We cannot expect the heathen to adhere to God’s law, scripture tells us that the law to the “natural man” is foolishness.
    1 Corinthians 2:14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
    So we who are husbands and fathers as well as sons who are at an age where they can help protect the family, need to start thinking about doing just that, protecting the family.
    Men, It Is Time To Start Protecting Our Wives and Daughters Dont-worry-im-coolYou and your family need to sit down and have a serious talk around the dinner table and discuss the rules of conduct and the rules of engagement.
    Again the best course of action is prevention. Go to the bathroom before you leave and have travel urinals in the car ready to use.
    You need to discuss what might happen if a situation arises and what each family member will do if there is a need to react to a situation.
    It is wise to practise this situation in the home first so that you can “iron out” what you need to do, how to do it, and see where you need to adapt your own means to the situation. .
    If you do not practice, if a time comes where you have to take some action, odds are that you will freeze up and not know what to do.
    If that is the case then the predator has just gained access to your wife and kids and in a matter of seconds can violate them in ways that will mentally scar them, possibly for the rest of their lives.
    What you as the husband and father needs to do is ask yourself if that scaring process is worth it, or is it worth you standing up and just doing something simple as standing by the bathroom door and observe who is going in and stand in the way of some questionable individual from gaining access while your family is in there.
    These are serious things that we now have to consider.
    We are living in dangerous times where the predator has all the rights and we have very few if any.
    I am reminded of the following verse.
    Isaiah 5: 20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
    It truly disturbs me that we are seeing this take place right before our eyes. We are witnessing the spiritual battle manifest itself into the real world. Evil is all around us and it is pressing in with a vengeance.
    Finally, what we need to cleave to…
    Ephesians 6:13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
    The physical battle is drawing closer and closer. We as husbands and fathers need to strongly think and also choose what battles we are going to avoid, what battles we are going to stand our ground on and possibly what battle we are going to fight.
    I can no longer stand idly by and let some predator assault and violate my wife and or children.
    Like it or not, and as much as I stand with the police support their tough job, in the time it will take for them to react to a called in situation, your wife and or child can already become a victim to the predator and in some cases killed.
    If something like that happened and I was able to prevent the predator from harming my wife and children and did nothing except wait for the police, then how can I ever look them in the eye again. That is if they are still alive.
    If they were killed at the hands of a predator and I did nothing, I could never forgive myself when I could have taken action as simple as standing with my back against a door saying, “you cannot come in at this moment, my wife and children are in there. Please wait a moment and they will be finished at which time you free to utilize the facilities.”
    But realize if you do that, there is a strong chance that you might be prosecuted under un-just laws that do not protect the innocent any more, but protect the predator who is more than happy to violate your wife and children for their own selfish evil desires.
    This was a very difficult article to write, but it is something that I feel very strongly that needs to be said.
    I hope that men begin to stand up and say “no more.” Only time will tell.
    Men, It Is Time To Start Protecting Our Wives and Daughters Paypal_donate_button_2But if we do not, it is our women and children that will suffer the consequences. They are the ones that will have to deal with the violent memories of some sicko predator wishing to do harm all because they are now “allowed” to do it thanks to an un-godly laws that have been put in place.
    Pray for Godly husbands and fathers all over. The battle is now here and we need prayer so that if and when we are faced with this battle, we stand and do the right thing in the eyes of God, which is pleasing to Him and not offer up our loved ones on the altar of compromise.
    Finally, pray for mercy upon our nation and pray that we gain leadership that might possibly change the direction this country is going.
    Above all, stay safe, stay alert, stay alive.

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