considered the General Administration of Customs on Saturday, a decision that the unification of customs procedures contributed to increase fiscal revenues, while confirming that the Customs Center or the Northern Palace of the highest income recorded record yesterday. 

"The customs centers in the ports of Basrah province are functioning normally and at a rising pace after the contracting that follows the decision of the Council of Ministers to unify the customs procedures with the Kurdistan region, which raised the fears of traders and importers, the agency said in a statement received by Alsumaria News.
"The decision contributed to the increase in revenues, on the contrary, which was rumored, as there was no rise in customs duties on goods and goods, but a lot of customs duties were reduced, which helped encourage importers to increase their imports." 

The Authority pointed out that "the Customs Center of Umm Qasr al-Shamali registered on Friday about two billion dinars, the highest revenues recorded at all border crossings of Iraq and the number of containers cleared during the month of March more than 1400 (four) hundred containers through the same port after the completion of procedures Customs, which ensures the news that talked about the suspension of the ports of Basraand allegations of reluctance traders to enter their goods through their ports and their direction to the ports of Kurdistan. 

The Commission stressed its keenness to "implement the decision to unify the customs procedures at all the border crossings of Iraq because of its positive implications in the interest of developing customs work and upgrading it to the world's ports and is following up with government agencies to monitor the implementation of the decision by the ports of the Kurdistan region ."