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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Biometric modernization puts the Election Commission to the test .. Al-Faisal 75% (Report)


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Biometric modernization puts the Election Commission to the test .. Al-Faisal 75% (Report) Empty Biometric modernization puts the Election Commission to the test .. Al-Faisal 75% (Report)

Post by rocky on Sat 17 Aug 2019, 2:28 am

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Biometric modernization puts the Election Commission to the test .. Al-Faisal 75% (Report)

Alnoor News / Baghdad
The Electoral Commission has preceded the time to update voter ratios in all Iraqi provinces and to reach 75 percent, according to the law approved by the House of Representatives, to adopt the biometric card, while deputies in parliament felt that keeping the 25 percent without updating and the adoption of the old card may open the door to fraud new. 
The Council of Commissioners in the Electoral Commission, the adoption of the first amendment to the law of provincial councils irregular elections, no. Percent, as well as the adoption of the Saint-Lego method.
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The Saint Lego method is a universal mechanism for allocating seats in proportional representation electoral laws. Originally, alliance votes are divided by 1.4 ascending, in which case small alliances get a chance to win, but if the number increases, such as 1.5 or 1.6 Going forward, the fortunes of large political entities are rising at the expense of the small.
Primitive modernization mechanism
In turn, a member of the Commission to monitor the elections, Salman al-Mayahi that "the turnout is still described as" satisfactory "and this is due to the conditions experienced by Iraq in general and some provinces in particular, such as those that witnessed military operations and the displacement of many of its citizens, and the non-return Full of it, as well as some of the complexity of the work of the organs of the Commission, and this may prevent the achievement of ratios sufficient to hold elections in some provinces.
He added in a statement to "light news" that "the mechanism of the Commission in the issue of modernization is still rudimentary, and the need for a number of documents, and specify a time period for the update, and not to open the time fully, although the Commission staff do not have work at the time that ends in the Commission Of data updating. ”

For his part, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Maan al-Hitawi, has completed the completion of about 40 percent of the timetable for the provincial council elections, which will be held in April of 2020.
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Al-Hitawi said in a press statement that "the Independent High Electoral Commission, completed 40 percent of its timetable for the preparation of provincial elections scheduled for April next year," noting that "the handover of voter card reached 75 percent, in general."
According to al-Hitawi, the Commission will focus on completing the biometric registration of voters, controlling logistical preparations after the provision of funds, law and sufficient time, as well as an intensive media campaign to attract voters and raise the participation rate which will be the concern of the Commission during the next phase.
He pointed out that "the audit of voter records in Kirkuk began work three months ago, after extensive discussions with the legal committees and regions and governorates irregular in the province of parliament, in addition to the presence of representatives of the ministries of Interior, Trade, Health and Planning meetings at the Commission headquarters to discuss this matter, as it is solid The work of these ministries and the Commission must only provide them with databases through which they can boycott information and find differences among them.
Updating voter records in the field
The liberated governorates are seeking to achieve 75 percent completion rates to participate effectively in the upcoming elections, especially with the presence of camps for the displaced and the low turnout to participate in the biometric modernization.
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The Office of the Office of the High Electoral Commission of Nineveh branch, updated the voter register in the field through the biometric system, after the lack of demand for modernization centers in the province.
"The reason for the low turnout by the citizens to update their electoral 
record is due to the negative reactions of the problems that accompanied the previous electoral processes, and this ultimately resulted in a lack of interest in updating the data," said the media director of the Office of the Commission in Nineveh province.
He pointed out that "the election office has drawn up a plan not to wait for the citizen, but to go through the formation of mobile teams of 16 teams, working in the field day and night to reach the citizen and work to update his electoral record."
"The modernization rates are now close to 50%."
According to the First Amendment to the Law of the Provincial Elections of Irregular Provinces in the Region and its Affiliated Counties No. 12 of 2018, the Biometric Card shall be approved as an official document, and all employees shall be obliged to update and receive the Card.
For his part, the member of the Commission, Hazem Al-Rudaini, said that the Commission continues to update voter registers, and is expected to reach good proportions during the coming period, especially with the intensification of efforts, and continued work, during the past and the coming period.
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He added to the "light news" that "the rates of modernization in Iraq reached 57 percent, in general, and we look forward to achieving higher rates for the holding of free and fair elections."
But this approach from the Commission faced rejection from some political circles, which demanded the adoption of biometric card, 100 percent.
Qusay Abbas, a member of the Building Alliance, said the provincial council elections will be held in April 2020 as set by the Independent High Electoral Commission.
Abbas said in a statement that "the amendment of the paragraphs of the law of provincial elections, according to the sizes and wishes of the political blocs, and the opinion of the Legal Committee and the Commission of the Territory," adding that "the adoption of the proportion of nearly 25% in some provinces on the personal requirements of the voter, without relying on the identity of the biometric by 100% will open the door to many problems towards questioning or fraud and manipulation of votes. ”

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